Our Projects & Initiatives

We launch several global educational projects and initiatives. Some are ongoing. 

Our Projects

Plastic Project

The Plastic Project runs in Mid March - Mid May and involves students and teachers across every continent focussing on plastic and sustainability. 


Climate Action Project

The Climate Action project involves more than 2.5 million participants across 140 countries and is launched yearly in October. Students explore, brainstorm, discuss, create, present and share findings via weekly videos. During the past year students came up with overwhelming solutions and actions. 


Kakuma EarthProject

What started with shipping our own laptop to a refugee camp ended up in a community of 525 teachers globally offering free education to refugees via video conferencing tools. 


Goals Project

Each year, students around the world join together in the Goals Project to take action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Working in global groups with 17 classrooms, each class takes on one Global Goal, creates a project highlighting their local community, and shares it out to the world as one collective Goals Project. We invite you to join in with the over 1,500 classrooms already participating.





PlantED Message2Mars
A global tree planting by students Students and teachers sending
messages and solutions to Mars