Navrachana Higher Secondary School's Crusade for Change Week 1 - Week 1




Navrachana School, Sama is an independent, co-educational, English medium school. It is one of the premier schools of Gujarat. Each year it attracts the brightest students who wish to follow the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi (CBSE) curriculum. Navrachana offers complete and well-balanced education to children from the pre-primary to the higher secondary level and finally prepares them for the CBSE public examinations. Today the School has an enrolment of over 2700 students and a staff strength of more than 150. Several distinctions and accolades, such as the Nation's Highest Computer Literacy Excellence Award for Schools received from the Honorable President of India and the Sarva Shiksha Empowering India Award received from the Honourable Minister of Human Resource Development have marked this journey. Navrachana Education Society is committed to continue its pursuit of excellence in the management of its institutions, engaging the very best teachers, adopting new age teaching practices, and nurturing the unique potential of each child. Navrachana's distinct tradition, culture of innovation and indomitable school spirit, provide a fertile learning field for the New Age Child.

Placed by

Kashmira Jaiswal

Navrachana Higher Secondary School has taken part in the International Plastic Project. We kick-started the project on Earth Day ie 22nd April.  Over the past 50 years, world plastic production has doubled. The student community has thus come together to spread awareness about the history of plastic, its various types, and the known yet ignored facts pertaining to it.  Our IT team has designed E-posters have for the same.  A short film has been made where we have categorized different types of plastics and we have emphasized more on the solutions and alternatives. Tremendous research work was done to collect the correct information and facts. We also had group discussions,  and various activities so as to make this process more interesting and productive.  With the guidance of our teachers, the students made sure that the information reaches a large number of masses through social media. 
The first week encouraged us to reflect on what we should do to make our planet a more sustainable place. The students actively participated in the first week and Navrachana will continue to contribute positively towards the project.