Plastic in my life - Week 1


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Our students do a commrecial apprenticeship. They work 3 days a week and attend classes during the other two days.

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Plastic on our planet has become a huge subject. Why is this the case? In order to talk about it, we need to know facts. For this reason, I have got some videos you need to watch.

Video 1
What really happens to the plastic you throw away - Emma Bryce
Watch the video and make notes so that you can summarise the contents:
What have they talked about?
Which information could you grab and can you explain in your own English words what has happened?
In class
Present your findings - use your OneNote notes

Videos 2-4

How We Can Keep Plastics Out of Our Ocean | National Geographic
POWERFUL VIDEO: Why We Need to Stop Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans FOR GOOD | Oceana
The Incredible Transformation Of World's Most Polluted Beach
In pairs

Watch another video and collect facts, figures, numbers. Then prepare yourself for a presentation of what you have found out. You visualize your presentation with pics, graphs, and keywords on a OneNote page.
In class
Present your findings - use your OneNote notes
Before the presentations
Hand in questions that could be used in a quiz

Quizzes (Kahoot)
(questions and answers are not revised; there might incorrect answers)
Quiz 1 (
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Quiz 2 (Game PIN: 03098367)