Plastic Project # NavigatingSustainability - Week 1


Arezzo Tuscany Italy


-Liceo linguistico GCE-Vittoria Colonna
Via Porta Buia,6
52100 Arezzo
-Rondine Cittadella della Pace
52100 Arezzo

Placed by

Stella Ficai

Our journey called "Navigating Sustainability "started in September 2020 when our class 1M GCE(Global Citizenship Education)embarked on a symbolic journey of exploration of SDGs 6-13-14-15. The project-based journey started with SDG13 (Climate action project :October-November 2020), it progressed towards SDG 6(GoalsProject-Presenter: January-March 2021)and SDG 14 -15 (Plastic Project: May 2021).The interconnection of the goals has favoured a holistic approach in which we Learn-Share-Act for People and Planet.

Plastic Poject 

week 1:-CelebratingEarth Day 2021 by planting a Baobab in Kenia through Treedom

             -History of Plastics (task:-watch a TED -video draw a  timeline)

             -A story to Inspire( reading and critical thinking)

             -Meeting with representatives from the Town  Council of Arezzo-Environmental department(management of local environmental issue and partnership for our project "Miyaki Urban Forest"