Rethink plastic - Week 1




Colegiul Tehnic de Industrie Alimentara Suceava

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The first week was dedicated to theoretical information about the project: the significance of the project and of its title, its impact, the chance of getting new info about the topic by means of research, but most of all, the chance of getting to know other students' projects. 

We're a team of 9th graders who study to become expert ecologists, therefore this topic really captured our attention and, by means of our English lessons, we got the opportunity of learning specialized vocabulary for our field of education. 

Our first class, when we got informed about the project, we showed our enthusiasm of being part of an international project and of comparing our work with that of students the same age as ours. We divided into teams of work, chose different ways of dealing with the topic of the project, gone through some organizational stages.